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Seminar finder

Fundamentals of Successful Leadership

Our leadership seminar for junior staff. 4 days. For young managers and specialists from all company areas.


This seminar will help put you in a position to assess the status quo regarding your management competence. After the seminar you should be

  • able to apply fundamental leadership techniques 

  • to better use your strengths 

  • to get others to accept your ideas and con

  • better at getting others to commit to ambitious objectives 

  • able to improve you effectiveness


  • Young managers and specialists from all company areas 

  • Managers and junior staff 

  • Future leaders 


Leadership Competence for Junior Managers

  • What constitutes good management?
  • How junior staff can develop themselves step-by-step into a manager

The Importance of Good Leadership

  • Management begins with me

  • Managing others begins where one person is no longer effective

Effectiveness through Management

  • Why working a lot is not always a good result
  • How good management aims motivation and performance at what's really important

Willingness to Commit and Career Goals

  • Determining personal and professional goals 

  • Planning what you aspire to in your career 

  • Defining how much you are willing to commit to your goals


  • Knowing your strengths 

  • Not letting your weaknesses become 

Social Competence

  • The abilities you need to deal with other people correctly 

  • The role social competence plays in the management process

Managing Results-Oriented Employees

  • Conveying values, guidelines, objectives from above
  • Agreeing on objectives in your area of the business
  • Trusting, delegating and self-organization

Team Building

  • Creating a team out of individuals
  • Choosing the right team members
  • Managing teams


  • What to do when company objectives are not of interest to employees
  • The boss as role model


  • Saying what you mean

  • Achieving the desired effect on other people
  • Rules of effective communication

How to Deal with Conflict

  • Typical conflict situations
  • Escalation – when trivial matters become big obstacles to communication

  • Ways to achieve conflict resolution


2. Session 2018

Number: N3228

Dates: October 15 - 18, 2018
Davos, Switzerland

CHF 4'500.- excl. VAT Invoice on request in EUR, at current exchange rate

Additional Services

Call us for a telephone consultation: +41 (0) 44 913 15 80

Seminar + Individual Coaching

Seminar + Individual Coaching

Book an individual coaching session in addition to a seminar.

My Sparring Partner

My Sparring Partner

Book this 2-day workshop and profit from a deep-dive into company-specific content, with insights especially relevant to your work. For you and a max. of 4 other colleagues from your company.

Learn & Perform

Learn & Perform

First you attend an open seminar. After completion, a St. Gallen management consultant visits you at your company to support implementing what your learned.

A Second Opinion

A Second Opinion

You need to make an important decision that will determine the course your company will take. To make sure you get it right, you need a second opinion.

Implementation Project

You attend an open seminar, and those things you learned that are especially vital to your company are then implemented with this project, tailor-made for your company with external support.

The Mental Option

Management top-performance requires mental preparation. Our "Human Tuning" service is an additional day of mental training for executives.

Company Teams

Two or more participants from a single company take part in the same seminar – and implement what they learned immediately upon return.

Bosses Promoting High-Potentials

When you promote men and women of your staff, it will help if you approve their participation in our junior program first. In a briefing, you tell us what exactly your employee needs to develop. We meet with the participant and give you feedback about this. We then give you a promotion proposal and the St. Gallen talent-promotion tool for implementing your own talent management.

Small-Group Seminar

Small-Group Seminar

A seminar with a max. of 6 participants. Small groups allow a deep-dive into subjects of special interest to you.



After learning the latest management insights at your seminar, you want to use them. You have ideas, maybe even a concept. Or you want to practice what you learned and your conduct as an executive.

Bring your Customer

Bring your customers with you to a seminar. Here you'll be inspired for collaboration, joint development, open innovation. During off-time, you can work with your customer on ideas for future collaboration.

Compressed Learning

Compressed Learning

Management knowledge compressed into a 1-day seminar, with content conceived especially for your company.

Certification of your Advanced Training

Certification of your Advanced Training

You can book an additional 4-day workshop for certifying your advance training.

Career Support

Career Support

You are pursuing a specific management position. We'll help you in your career.

St. Gallen Tools

St. Gallen Tools

We develop management and leadership instruments that are tailor-made for use at your company.

St. Gallen Inhouse

St. Gallen Inhouse

Seminars with company-specific content. If you have questions about this or need information, please call us at +41 (0) 44 913 1580 or write an email to:


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