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Business Development & Sales Strategy

Management of new business and the changes necessary for a convincing sales and distribution concept, including new approaches to online and internet­ based sales.
3 + 3 days.


In just 5 years, the products and services of a company and its business model can change drastically. Successful companies recognize transformation and spearhead change themselves. And with far-reaching consequences. Digitalization demands new business models. And sometimes a new sales and distribution strategy is also needed. Companies that want to meet their customer needs in a completely different way and are looking to realize innovative new business ideas to do it, will probably need to further develop or change their sales and distribution.


With this program, you will learn the principles be­ hind successful management of new business and the changes necessary for a convincing sales and distribution concept, including new approaches to online and internet-based sales.


The participants should be

  • executives, management staff and specialists who 
want to align their company to future success and 
to achieve new growth 

  • decision­ makers and management staff from fields 
of innovation, R & D, Marketing, sales and distribution; who want to develop new business and successfully implement it in the marketplace using a robust sales and professional distribution organization. 


New Business for a Successful Future

  • Drivers of change

  • My own role in change

Developing and evaluating Business Ideas

  • How are new business ideas developed?

  • How are these evaluated, sorted out and chosen?

Drafting new Business Models

  • Turning a business idea into a business model
  • Examples and principles behind success

Innovation and Development Strategies 

  • Formulating an innovation and development strategy 

  • Developing, market preparation and market launch 

  • The difficult phase of development 

Sales Concepts and Distribution Strategies

  • Consequences of a new business model for a company’s sales concept
  • New, additional and at best competing sales channels
  • Adapting your distribution strategy

  • Developing sales and distribution in such a way so they give the company a competitive advantage

Focusing on Customer Benefits

  • Customer Value – an uncompromising orientation on customer benefits
  • Better performance – higher prices, the “premium” strategy

Market Success thanks to Customer Management

  • Sales and distribution as factors for company success
  • Better using customer potential

  • Winning non­customers

  • Managing and ensuring good customer relations
  • Active relations management – turning angry customers into fans

  • Lost customers – winning back lost customers


2. Session 2018

Number: N3628

Part 1: September 10 - 12, 2018
Berlin, Germany

Part 2: December 10 - 12, 2018
Berlin, Germany

CHF 6'900.- excl. VAT Invoice on request in EUR, at current exchange rate

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