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Customer-Driven Marketing

This seminar is about the essentials of modern marketing. 4 days.


Marketing is the intensive preoccupation with the customer, his needs and wishes, his unsolved problems and his willingness – through the launch of new technologies and services – to participate in new markets. Marketing aligns all company processes, the thinking and actions of an organization, to customers and customer benefits. For this, it needs concepts, instruments and systems. It needs a customer-oriented corporate culture. And it requires a lot of instruments to actually implement marketing measures successfully.

This seminar takes you on a systematic journey through the world of marketing. It offers you a comprehensive look at marketing with a special focus on what has become more important during the last few years – direct marketing, online marketing, digital marketing, search engines and social media.


  • Executives looking for a comprehensive up-date of modern marketing techniques
  • Managers in the areas of market analysis, market research, marketing, sales and distribution
  • Those responsible for customers, customer segments and products or product lines, brands, sales channels, profit centers
  • Executives from outside marketing who want to improve their knowledge of marketing


The Building Blocks of Modern Marketing

  • The overall system of marketing
  • The individual components of holistic marketing
  • The marketing model

Always start with Customer Needs and Benefits

  • Understanding and knowing the market 

  • Market and competitor analyses 

  • Who is the customer, what is customer segmentation? 

  • My customer's needs, the needs of consumers as a whole 

  • Inventing new customer benefits 

The Purpose is Success in the Marketplace

  • Creating new demand through innovation
  • Actively selling – sales management
  • Creating a presence in "search" channels – search engines
  • Activating referral marketing
  • Customer satisfaction, customer retention, customer loyalty

Strategic Marketing Concepts

  • Target marketing
  • Positioning, differentiating
  • Brand strategy, brand management

  • Product, service and solution strategies
  • Sales and distribution strategies
  • Pricing and conditions policy
  • Communication strategy

Sales Management

  • Developing your own sales model
  • Establishing a superior sales process

Direct Marketing, Online Marketing

  • Building up and optimizing direct marketing activities
  • How to be found by search engines
  • Referral marketing thanks to social media
  • Developing and managing an online shop

Branding, Brands

  • The importance of a brand to the business of your company
  • Market strategy and market launch


2. Session 2018

Number: N8128

Dates: September 11 - 14, 2018
Zurich, Switzerland

CHF 3'900.- excl. VAT Invoice on request in EUR, at current exchange rate

3. Session 2018

Number: N8138

Dates: November 12 - 15, 2018
Berlin, Germany

CHF 3'900.- excl. VAT Invoice on request in EUR, at current exchange rate

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Seminar + Individual Coaching

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My Sparring Partner

My Sparring Partner

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Learn & Perform

Learn & Perform

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A Second Opinion

A Second Opinion

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The Mental Option

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Small-Group Seminar

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Bring your Customer

Bring your customers with you to a seminar. Here you'll be inspired for collaboration, joint development, open innovation. During off-time, you can work with your customer on ideas for future collaboration.

Compressed Learning

Compressed Learning

Management knowledge compressed into a 1-day seminar, with content conceived especially for your company.

Certification of your Advanced Training

Certification of your Advanced Training

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Career Support

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St. Gallen Tools

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