Corporate Leadership – Managing the Company

Here we focus on wide-ranging managerial tasks – and the optimal way to organize them.
5 + 5 days.


How do you lead a company? Our 2-part program answers this question by presenting topics vital to managing a company or a major business unit.


As you know, leadership is managing employees. But it's not only that. Those people who are responsible for a company, a division, an area of the business or a major business unit know that simply using accepted methods of employee management is not enough to lead an organization. You need more than this. You need corporate leadership. If you're looking to be that executive in your company, then this program will give you the necessary knowledge and instruments you need for this highest form of management, in 5 + 4 days.


The program is meant for top executives, members of supervisory bodies, but also for managing directors and those responsible for heading an important, independently-run organizational entity. What you all have in common is this – you cannot manage your area of responsibility sufficiently using motivational management alone. More skills are needed than this. You need to be able to show your staff the way forward, and get them excited about your shared future. But you also need set the right objectives, shaping corporate culture, encouraging management quality, effect change by pushing decisions through several levels of company hierarchy – while exemplifying corporate values in everything your do.


The Management Philosophy

  • Guiding your company in the desired direction
  • The Corporate Management Model

The Predefined Mission

  • What the decision-makers want
  • What the company's mission should be

Vision, Values, Conduct

  • The role of the company in the future
  • Values that must be maintained
  • Expected conduct

Main Objectives, Guidelines

  • Managing through objective-setting
  • Steering the company using guidelines

Strategy and Resource Management

  • Scenarios, trends, technology
  • Company identity today and tomorrow
  • Expanding both core business & new business


Strategic Leadership

  • St.Gallen Executive Leadership Model
  • Consistently meeting management decisions

Forming a Management Team

  • Company values that must be maintained
  • Expected conduct

How to be Effective as Management Team

  • Forming a management team
  • Guiding the company through set objectives

Motivation and Performance

  • Motivating to perform better
  • Creating incentives
  • Rewarding good performance

Changing Resistance to Commitment

  • What changes cause high levels of resistance?
  • Instruments of change management
  • The executive as change manager
Part 1: 14.10.2019 - 18.10.2019, Berlin, Germany
Part 2: 18.11.2019 - 21.11.2019, Davos, Switzerland
CHF 8'900.- / EUR 8'200.- excl. VAT
Invoice on request in EUR, at current exchange rate
Part 1: 14.10.2019 - 18.10.2019, Berlin, Germany
Part 2: 18.11.2019 - 21.11.2019, Davos, Switzerland
CHF 8'900.- / EUR 8'200.- excl. VAT
Invoice on request in EUR, at current exchange rate
Additional Services
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My Sparring Partner

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A Second Opinion

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Implementation Project

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The Mental Option

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Company Teams

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Bosses Promoting High-Potentials

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Small-Group Seminar

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Bring your Customer

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Certification of your Advanced Training

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St. Gallen Tools

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St. Gallen Inhouse

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